Colonia is out in US!

Colonia is out in North America! See Myspace blog


Video on SPIN Earth

Nice video from Copenhagen show and interview on SPIN Earth!!
See full report...

Kristofer Åström in Milano the movie

An interesting video from the tour,
from Kristofer Åström tour blog:)




Spår för spår: A Camp - Studio (24 April 2009)
Seems an interview, in Swedish.

UK, soon..

Cardigans' Nina Persson returns to varied side-project, A Camp - Birmingham Mail (24 April 2009)


More German articles

Live gesehen in Hamburg und Berlin - regioactive.de (21 April 2009)
With pictures!

A Camp in München - Melancholie im Takt - sueddeutsche.de (22 April 2009)


You can listen to the all songs from Colonia @ Spinner.com!

The US version will be released soon, 28th April 2009.


Vienna photos

Great pictures from Flex, Vienna, Austria (19 April) by Karin Wasner

Polish article

Nina Persson: Boję się Ameryki i ją kocham - Dziennik.pl
Seems an interview, but I can' t understand at all, again!


One more Italian article

Save the date: gli A Camp live a Milano - Mag - SKY.it (19 April 2009)
Seems an interview, but I can' t understand at all of course!

Milano poster

A Camp in Italia live - la Voce d'Italia (18 April 2009)
Cool poster!!

A Camp will play in Milano on 20th April.


Tour photos @ Flickr

You can see many pictures from A Camp tour on Flickr.
Thanks for the photographers (both professional and amateur) to share the great shows!


Cover of A Camp - 2

Do you remember, I put the cover of A Camp video on this blog before, and the full version is coming from MisterAmea! Really nice, enjoy:)

Interview @ It's a trap

Interview in Antwerp (in English!)



This diary is also feat.Niclas Frisk, isn't it?:)


Emm Gryner

Today this blog is feat.Emm Gryner:)

You know, she has been playing Keyboad with A Camp now. She is a Canadian, has played with Nathan Larsson in Hot One as well, and her own music too! Check her Myspace and official site.


In her blog, we can see the other side of A Camp tour. It's very fun!

Emm Gryner will play her solo stage at Whelan's in Dublin, Ireland, on 1st May 2009 - yes, between the busy A Camp tour..! Cool, powerful:)

Here's her video. Enjoy!

えぇと、本日はふゅーちゃりんぐEmm Grynerでお送りします(笑)。
Hot Oneでも一緒にプレイしていたのでした。 そしてソロもやっています!




My tour

Hi all, thanks for coming to my blog.
I'm going to England to see A Camp - Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester!!! I'll be very glad if you come with me:) I'll report the tour on this blog, and my Atomic Swing fan site - 10 years anniversary. I wanted to go to Sweden or US, but it was impossible on my schedule.. During the UK tour, it's Japanese holiday season. But the end of holiday is 6th May, so I can't go to the London show... Japanese holiday is too short(;_;)

Please tell me if you will come there too:)
Email : venus(at)atomicswingfan.net


Dutch articles:)

A Camp has done the shows in Netherlands.

Nina Persson overtuigt met nevenproject A Camp in Trix - De Morgen Muziek (13 April 2009)
A Camp is geen soloproject meer - NU.nl (9 April 2009)

They are in Germany now!


the Glaswegian

The Cardigans' Nina Persson on her solo project - the Glaswegian (9 April 2009) In English, a paper in Glasgow.

"With the Glasgow show, we are changing are stage settings according to the venue we play so I'm not quite sure what to tell the fans to expect.


A Camp - en synonym till perfektion - Norrköpings Tidningar (10 April 2009)
The pictures are here.

The band is going out of Scandinavia, finally Eourope tour begins from tomorrow!! Enjoy yourself with them around Europe, your town:) Keep up the great shows, A Camp members!!

Finnish Articles

Here is an article in Finland paper!
Ruotsalaisrouva Harlemista - HS.fi (9 April 2009)

And cool pictures too!!

Thanks Mia:)



A Camps egen östgöte - Folkbladet (9 April 2009)
Interview of Niclas Frisk in Norrköping, Sweden.


Cirkus, Stockholm

Mingelrock som glöder - Svenska Dagbladet (7 April 2009)

And the official video diary has been updated often, you must check everyday!!


Niclas' interview @ NT.se

Niclas Frisks olika sidor - Nöje - Norrköpings Tidningar (6 April 2009)
(The different side of Niclas Frisk)


Konserthuset, Malmö Reports

Perfekt – men bara i teorin - Helsingborgs Dagblad (5 April 2009)
Blodfullt A Camp i Malmö - Sydsvenskan (5 April 2009)
Trallvänligt utan pretentioner - Skånskan.se (5 April 2009)

Festivals 2009 Summer

I'll put in order the fixed festivals dates.

Peace & Love http://www.peaceandlove.nu/
25 June 2009, Borlänge

Liseberg(not festival) http://www.liseberg.se/
26 June 2009, Göteborg

GATUFEST http://www.gatufesten.se/
2 July 2009

Hultsfred http://www.rockparty.se/
10 July 2009, Hultsfred

Tivolirock http://www.tivolirock.com/
11 July 2009, Kristianstad

Piteå dansar och ler http://www.pdol.se/
24 July 2009, Piteå

Putte i Parken(PIP) http://www.putteiparken.se/
30 July, Karlskoga

Storsjöyran http://www.storsjoyran.se/
31 July 2009, Östersund



Göteborg, etc

Göteborg report;
A Camp i rockversion - Nöje - Göteborgs-Posten(3 April 2009)
A Camp är i ett skymningsland - GT.se(4 April 2009)

Niclas' Interview;
Fyllesnacket blev framgångssaga - GT.se(3 April 2009)
Frisk växlar mellan färgerna - UNTFREDAG.SE(4 April 2009)

And here's a news for Peace&Love on Niclas' hometown Dalarna's newspaper;
A Camp klara för Peace & Love - dalademokraten.se(31 March 2009)
Still written that "Frisk blev till och med Årets sexigaste man i Veckorevyn 1993" ... hahaha (Frisk was the sexiest man in Veckorevyn 1993)


Lilla Vega @ Copenhagen

- Report @ Expressen(2009/4/1)

- Pictures @ ROCKFOTO.NU


A Camp sign the CDs @ Media Markt / Bäckebol, Göteborg - 3 April 17.00!


TV4, 2 April

A Camp will appear Postkodlotteriets klimatmöte on Thursday, 2 April 2009 - 20:00.

"Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Wangari Maathia, Fredrik Reinfeldt, A Camp" ...(!?!?!?... sounds very interesting)