A Camp Cover Contest

(from the official Myspace)
With all this talk of covers, we couldn't help but notice that a few of you brave people took a shot at covering our song STRONGER THAN JESUS.....look!

(** My blog already introduced these cover videos before, and MisterAmea has done the full version too!)

And we must say we're touched and honored! This gave us an idea, how about taking a whack at one of our songs yourself? It could be STRONGER THAN JESUS, it could be any of them from Colonia. Sing it, tape it, post it, let us know you've done it, and the creator of the most super awesome version (in our opinion of course) will get a super awesome prize. And everybody who rocks it gets added to our youtube channel, no matter how much you suck! How's that for a deal?

Ok friends we love you , now show us your stuff !

xoxoxo a camp

Note from the people who make the rules: To submit your entry please send us a youtube link of your clip to acamp@nettwerk.com. Please make sure to include your full name. The contest will run from May 29th- June 9th. We will announce ONE winner per week from valid entries. The winners will receive a signed copy of Colonia, and a US tour poster, and your video will be featured on A Camp's, myspace, facebook and website for one week. Please remember that this is not the place for porn, or other inappropriate material. Have fun!


ここのファンブログでも以前にStronger Than Jesusのカバーを 2つ取り上げてますが、オフィシャルがあの動画二つをきっかけにカバーコンテストを開催することになりました。 (詳細はMyspaceにて)

アルバム『Colonia』からの選曲ならなんでもOK。優勝者の動画はア・キャンプのオフィシャルYoutubeチャンネルに 置いてもらえるそうです。

応募方法は、Youtubeにアップして、URLを acamp@nettwerk.com までメールすればよし。 フルネーム必須5月29日~6月9日までの開催で、各週のTOPを決めるとのこと。 優勝者にはサイン入り『Colonia』とUSツアーポスターが贈られ、 動画がA CAMPオフィシャル&Myspace&Facebookで一週間フューチャーされるそうです。

すんごい応募したいけど、期間が短すぎて録画無理だよなぁ。 そもそも即コピーしてギター弾いて歌うスキルないしな。 誰か一緒にやってくれる人…いないよね(苦笑)

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